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Shanghai West Golf Club Shanghai

Shanghai West Golf Club - Shanghai

Opened in September 1999, Shanghai West Golf Club aims to provide an outstanding golfing facility where busy executives can retreat to nature in comfortable and congenial surroundings. The Club's motto throughout the development and operational phases has been and remains simply "Only the Best Will Do"; we strive to provide the highest standards of facilities, maintenance and service.

Shanghai West Golf Club is located a mere 70 kilometers from Shanghai, in the water town of Zhouzhuang. Known as "China's Most Famous Water Town", Zhouzhuang is crisscrossed with canals and ancient stone arched-bridges, with almost sixty percent of its houses built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, painting a unique scenery. The Club is about 3 kilometers from the tourist area of Zhouzhuang, with the G50 and other numerous highways leading to the Club.

Shanghai West Golf Club holds a steadfast commitment to the traditional values and ideals preserved at Shanghai's finest golf clubs. Through a rich, colorful club life, we promote camaraderie between members and encourage proactive family participation in the refined sport of golf in Shanghai. Every year, the Club holds a total of around 30 members-only and open competitions, including the Club's four major official competitions, the monthly medals and team medals, the anniversary galas, the couple competition, the senior competition, inter-chamber invitational, inter-club events and open competitions during public holidays. This Shanghai golf course also regularly holds social events such as dinner parties in Shanghai and Suzhou to help members, their friends, and their family to fit into the Shanghai West Golf Club family.

At Shanghai West Golf Club, we "play the man, and act the gentleman."Shanghai West Golf Club is not only a good place to play golf, it is a gathering point where we share our laughter, joy, surprise, share everything with everyone. This Shanghai golf course life is imaginative, colorful…and ultimately, full of joy and warmth. A Passion To Promote the Art of Golf in Shanghai. Camaraderie of the game and the fostering of international friendship is the core of the Club's philosophy. A further driving force of the Club is to nurture, develop and promote the game in China whilst holding close alliances with other prominent golf clubs in and out of China. Our members can freely use the courses and facilities in the clubs with which Shanghai West Golf Club holds alliance. Shanghai West Golf Club is affiliated with some of the foremost golfing associations including the United States Gold Association and the UK's Golf Foundation. These connections provide the Club with the opportunity to monitor the latest developments in the game with a view to constantly improving the Club's operations.

The Shanghai West Golf Club course was designed by one of Japan's most notable professional golfers, Tsutomu Irie. He has won championships at more than 30 tournaments in Japan and around the world. His record 59 on the first day of the 1985 Kuzuha International Tournament, Japan remains untouched for over 25 years and remembered reverently by golfing enthusiasts. Mr. Irie's great golf concept was detailed and vividly turned into reality by head course engineer Mr. Takaichi Goto, who is a leading golf course making engineer in Japan.

Address of this Golf Course in Shanghai:
No.128 HuanZhen West Road
Zhouzhuang Town
Kunshan city

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