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Sanyang Golf and Country Club Shanghai

Sanyang Golf and Country Club - Shanghai

Sanyang Golf Course is in 1993 Qingfeng Group from Taiwan, Mr. Lin Maoji, Mr. Chen Yingcong and Mr. Chen Shaoji joint venture to build, officially open for business in 1995, has been for 14 years, Jiangsu Province, the first golf course built the stadium in line with the prestige first, customer first principle of foreign golfer to win the unanimous good proof. Sanyang verge Jincheng Lake Golf and Country Club, located in Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan, the heart of an area of ??115 hectares, is a length of 7160 yards, par 72 18 hole golf course of international competition level, by the internationally renowned golf course golf course design consultant and the Taiwan elite golf together carefully planning and design.

This Shanghai golf course for lawn maintenance, the country's first see more, in addition to BENT greens and Bermuda, the winter sowing techniques used to pay more grass, so green all year round golf course Sanyang. Sanyo has a unique landscape of the golf course, including the rationalization of the bunker, emphasizing the high-security fairway distance, slope and type of course challenging the rules, the stadium can be seen everywhere imaginative, flash in the pan. The first golf course located in the town of Divine Water Luzhi town, lake water, shadow, so that the whole course of the flooding Yangtze River Delta to maintain style. Lake in Jincheng surrounded the eighteenth hole patchwork spread on the lake, a large number of lakes as a natural barrier.

Emerald greens, fairways winding, varied, and truly let Shanghai golfers eager, and undoubtedly the most challenging and interesting hole designs. If the third hole, the par 3's hole, by 2003, one of China eighteen holes, the Shanghai golfers of the game is a test. Many clubs in providing additional facilities such as golf putting green driving range, etc., and reflect the Spanish comfortable, spacious, elegant, noble clubs, recreational golfers is the ideal place, with members of the exclusive club lounge, KTV , MTV center. Will be available in the museum at any time, Western, Japanese, Korean food, and authentic Taiwanese cuisine, bars, cafes and so on. In addition, large-scale international conference center, four-star hotel for all types of negotiations will be held membership or club activities

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Golf in Shanghai
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