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Nine Dragons Admirals Golf Club - Shanghai

The Nine Dragons is a golf course in Shanghai and is situated on the northern shores of Hangzhou Bay. Located 90 kilometres from Shanghai and Hangzhou this Shanghai golf course is quite accessible from all areas on the east coast. Set in scenic mountains along the ocean with surrounding islands, Nine Dragons Admirals Golf Club in Shanghai has become part of the provincial tourism resorts. Within the Nine Dragons Estate there are spectacular natural landscapes. The surrounding Mount Waipo provides the National Forest Park district, the Bathing Place, and a Beach Resort. The most interesting area is the Nine Dragons Forest Park, which has quickly become one of China's National Forest Parks. The Nine Dragons National Park is known for its thick mountainous landscape with beautiful sun sets. Within the park are many fresh water lakes which contain many species of fish. These large lakes surround the park and the neighbouring golf course.

Located along the eastern Chinese coastline is the West Sandy Bay Beach. The beach has pristine sand with clear surrounding water. On a busy day, each year, the beach receives around 20,000 swimmers from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, and Suzhou. The "People's Daily" reported that the West Sandy Bay Beach shall be known as the "South of Beidaihe" meaning the beach is one of China's most popular. Located directly south of the bay is Fort Tianfei Gong where the famous Master Hong Yi's monument has been placed.

The Admirals Golf Club is located in the Nine Dragons Estate in Zhejiang, China. It is a high class private club which provides a platform for local and international elites and their guests. Private parties and/or business functions may be held at this Shanghai golf course. The Admirals Golf Club makes use of the beautiful scenery by integrating the club with the surrounding mountains, sea and islands. This Shanghai Golf Club works together with the Westin Hotel, the Yacht Club and the Polo Club to create a community for sports, vacations and business functions.

With over 1100 members the Nine Dragons Admirals Golf Club is conveniently located about one hour from Ningbo, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai. With inspirations from the Scotland Links and Augusta National Golf Club the Nine Dragons Admirals Golf Club is one of Shanghai's finest golf destinations. With a first-class 18-hole layout, with an additional 9 holes already designed, there are opportunities for an international PGA event.

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Golf in Shanghai
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