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Lake Hill Golf - Shanghai

Jianshan is the native place of Xu Zhimo and Jin Yong, where Sun Zhongshan and his wife left the verses that "the tide of the world is so great" after being impressed by great tide at Yanguan of Haining. Though time passes by, this eternal and great natural miracle hasn't weakened, while more heroic feelings have been recorded! Nowadays, this land of passion is writing a new tale of the 21st century... A Shanghai golf course built up on a salina according to the standard of one of Top 4 Games, PGA Tournament, will bring you unlimited impact as the tide of Qiantang River, with both its difficulty and fun. This an exciting golf course in Shanghai

This Shanghai golf course is planned as 36 holes. Now, 18 holes of Dragon Court have finished construction. Designed by famous designer Neil Haworth, with a total length of 7,600 yards and par 72, it is really the longest fairway in East China. The fairway is very broad and the surface of the green is also great. The designer has made the fairway undulate and tipsy at random and designed several emplacement greens to increase its difficulty. This Shanghai golf course is also characterized as the large surface bunkers. The front nine has 51 bunkers in total, with an area of 23,336 square meters. The surface of the bunker on the path of the second hole reaches 2,241 square meters. Shining quartz sands have decorated this lovely Shanghai golf course and make the site difficult for Shanghai golfers

It is quite creative that a river is dug around this SHanghai golf course. An independent gate bridge forms a private-style manor. In addition, Lake Hill Golf Shanghai is located in the center of Yangtze Delta, with a distance to Shanghai about 90 kilometers and a distance to Hangzhou about 70 kilometers. Hang-Pu Highway and Shao-Jia Road passing by this golf course in Shanghai are planned to be open to traffic in 2007. Excellent geographical location should be an advantage factor attracting golf lovers in the area of Yangtze Delta. The design of the Lake Hill Court presents you traditional opinion and spirit of the sports of golf in Shanghai. It has taken the style the sport of nature, harmony and elegance and integrated skillfully on this basis the characteristics of Chinese countryside. The elegant and deep individualities are reflected at each aspect of the club. The shape of the court is natural and fine. The fairways are different. Referring to the latest standard design of American PGA, on a reasonable and neat base, the difficulties full of challenges are added. The friends come to the court should experience real challenges and fun.

The Lake Hill Course in Shanghai is also a good place to see the great tide of Qiantang River in August of lunar calendar. Playing a round of golf in Shanghai, seeing insurgent tide, tasting American prawns and fresh vegetables and fruits produced by the court, this golf course in Jiangnan has a unique style! This is LAKE HILL golf Shanghai - a world presented to you by Haining Lake Hill Golf Shanghai.

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