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Enhance Acting Golf Club - Shanghai

Bordered by the Wu-Song River to the west we laid out this golf course in Shanghai to utilize the existing water channels where possible. Having few other site features with which to work, we maximized the change of direction of each hole within the individual nine hole loops in order to take advantage of that invisible hazard each nine possess, Wind! The result is a championship standard golf course in Shanghai that flows naturally through the site and is fully integrated with the overall development Master Plan.

We set out to create a classically designed course and in keeping with this philosophy the golf course in Shanghai strategy will be strategic in nature yet subtle as possible. The course will be well bunkered, yet room will be provided for players to make decisions and adjust their game as conditions prevail. Given the flat nature of the site, the bunkering will be large and dramatic in order to create a visually striking element that defines every hole and enhances overall aesthetics.

The philosophy built into a majority of the green complexes is a belief to allow players a choice in club selection for their approach shot. To achieve this we have kept green entries relatively open. Long carries over vast amounts of sand are not a requirement to reach a majority of the putting surfaces. Most golfers psychologically feel more comfortable over their approach shots into the green under these conditions. This translates into a strategic golf course in Shanghai appearing more playable and fair, which in turn creates an enjoyable golfing experience for the player.

Robert Trent Jones II set the arrangement of the bunkers and water strategically not only to create appealing vision but also formulate the main hazards of the golf course. Each hole has its own arrangement with every bunker various in shape, size and orientation. Bunker and water become the visible and fixed hazards while the wind is the invisible and fluky killer. The speed of the wind is various in terms of speed and direction based on different time of different season, which put a request on the Shanghai golfers to adjust their playing strategy accordingly. The wisdom of this design is the artful utilization of wind, with which the seemed-unchanged course is actually a capricious and live course. If you want to beat the course by a fluke, or you are not 100% concentrated on playing, the golf course here will be a nigaspare.

For Shanghai golfers, one of the most hateful things is the pour down of the rain in the middle of play, which, in most case, will cause puddles in the course and stop golfers from playing. Well, this is not going to happen at Enhance Anting Golf Course though. Because we have over 80,000 meters long drainage pipes forming the most outstanding drainage system to lead away pour-down water within 20 minutes, which will normally take one day for average golf course to drain. The excellent irrigation system is as vital as drainage system, if not more important. We adopted the computer-controlled Central Control System of Rainbird, a leading brand for golf course irrigation, and installed 2010 sprinkler heads which is 3 times as what normal golf course would have in China to make sure the maintenance is right and therefore ensure the superb playing condition.

There are eight free form lakes with different sizes dotted in the golf course in Shanghai and connected with huge concrete pipes underneath, that makes water running in the golf course and become a landscaping attraction. It's a wonderful feeling to listen to water passing by while playing.

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